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The best way to discover the island is by taking day trips with our talented guides. They are local experts and part of our Villa Várzea family, they make sure you have a memorable experience. You can take one of our suggested tours, or you can book a private guide for one or more days, for full flexibility of hours and itinerary.

Deep Into The West

The West of the island is one of the most impressive parts, worth a full day of exploring on its own. You really don't want to miss all the sites around here or rush trough them.

The best spots for views of the caldera and lakes are off the main road, and finding them is not easy. This experience includes them all, and you are only able to do this in a day with the help of your local expert guide.

We will see Sete Cidades lakes, from below and above the mountain, and learn the secret behind its different colors. We will also be at the best views for Santiago, Canário and Empadadas lakes, as well as the epic Grota do Inferno.

We will follow to the darkest sand beach in the island, and dazzling natural pools, in Mosteiros.

If it's Summer time you can have a refreshing swim on the clear waters or save it for the open sea thermal pool, heated by the breath of the volcano during low tide, at Ferraria.

Duration ≈ 4 hours. Starting time is flexible.

130,00 €

70,00 € (p/person)

Center Of The Island

We will go up the tallest volcano of the island (Lagoa do Fogo), only accessible by car, so tall you will watch the vegetation get drier as we go up. On the top you have the best view over its stunning caldera and lake waters.

On our way down the north slope, you will have a access to the most tropical thermal pool (Caldeira Velha) in the island (ticket included). Warm water, waterfall and luxurious green vegetation. Spend time here and bathe, it's an unique experience!

Afterwards we will find the beautiful Cabrito Waterfall and the tea plantation on the bottom of the north slope. You can taste the most amazing Azorean tea, traditionally crafted while overlooking the green lines of leaves overlooking the ocean.

Now we will head to the south slope and visit the oldest village on the island, and learn about its stone church and rock islet.

If you tasted the tea we must end this experience with the king of the island, learn everything about the most delicious pineapple in the world!

Duration ≈ 5 hours. Starting time is flexible.

140,00 €

80,00 € (p/person)

Great Furnas Wonders

São Miguel thermal waters are well known to be an amazing phenomenon, a side effect of the active island volcanos.

Furnas is a place where the volcano activity can be closely observed and experienced in all its splendor.

We will cover with you all of the wonders coming from Furnas Volcano: Furnas lake, geysers, steam cooking pods and water fountains.

After this you can also choose one of the local thermal pools, Terra Nostra Park or Poça da D. Beija (entrance fee included) and indulge in a steaming bath, great even under winter weather, that will relax your mind and rejuvenate your muscles.

After the bath replenish you energies with Furnas' favorites (corncobs or chestnuts boiled underground) or with the famous Bolo Lêvedo (azorean muffin) warm out of the oven.

To complete this amazing experience, on our way or back you'll also be at the tea plantation, the only place that grows tea in Europe, and taste our unique green tea. The perfect day in São Miguel even if it's raining!

Duration ≈ 5 hours. Starting time is flexible.

140,00 €

80,00 € (p/person)

Dreamy Waterfalls

The island has so many beautiful water courses flowing through the volcano mountains like island veins, supplying waterfalls and ponds hidden on the most green lust forests.

We made a special route, based on years of passionately trekking this island, to take you to some of the most dreamy waterfalls and ponds of the island. We will navigate you through them so you are able to see these little gems during the course of the day, and together we will enjoy these places that are most often empty and for ourselves.

We will drive to the North East where we will park and walk into the nature to find three waterfalls and a magic colored pound.

The walking is easy but includes some steps and steep parts. All worth it for the scenery awaiting for you. We will finish the trip at the waterfall park.

Duration ≈ 5 hours.

150,00 €

90,00 € (p/person)

Azorean Cows - Morning Milking

This is such an unique way to experience what Azores is all about!

We will drive to the farmer's field, where the happy and popular Azorean cows, grown in the greenest of fields overlooking the ocean, are waiting for their daily milking routines. During the drive you will have the chance to see the the island from a different perspective as light falls in a magic way, early morning.

Once on the farmer's field you will have the chance to learn about milk, dairy and meat production, as told by a local farmer, and understand why this is one of the most special and important Azorean products. A traditional snack is also provided during this tour, to start your day off with energy.

You will be in the middle of the action, and although milking the cows nowadays is mechanized, you will have the unique chance to take milk from the cows yourself, with your own hands, and taste it if you wish!

We depart from the meeting point early in the morning, the starting hour might differ depending on the farmer's schedule (we will advise).

Duration ≈ 2 hours.

65,00 € (p/person) - min. 2 person

Private Guide: One or More Days

You didn't have the time to read your guidebook and want to see as much as possible of the island in a day, or during our stay?

If you don't want to rent a car, or just want to relax and stay away from having to navigate in a foreign place, just let a local expert guide do this for you. Believe us it is a great way for you to get to know the ways around the island.

We know the island better than anyone, and we will take you to all of our favorite places around: volcanos, thermal pools, waterfalls, lakes and breathtaking viewpoints. We will show and explain to you this little natural paradise we call home.

You can choose to navigate the Center & West or Center & East of the island. It is not possible to see all of the island in one day, but you can book this experience twice for 2 full days of exploring all the island.

Duration 8 hours (max). Starting time is flexible.

160,00 €

100,00 € (p/person)

If you want to use your own rental car and just want to book the tour guide to go with you, the rate is 100,00 € per day.

Wanderlust Photos with a Local Influencer

Check his work on Instagram @ruipbsoares

Use the beautiful private atmosphere of our Villa interiors and gardens to create breathaking images with one of the best professional photographers in the Azores. Or let us choose together, a perfect location in the island, to create great photos of you in the Azorean Mother Nature.

The hardest time will really be choosing the location, since the island offers so many dreamy photo locations (mountains, waterfalls, beaches, etc).

But you can count on our expert advice to find the perfect spots and avoid the crowds. So you can be comfortable posing and changing outfits.

If you want to either celebrate a special occasion (couples, wedding, new baby, etc.) or create content for your social media, this an awesome way to get to know the island while creating great wonderlust memories! We deliver all edited photos back to you by the end of the day.

In our villa / 2 hours / 20 photos / 160,00 € *

One location / 2 hours / 20 photos / 190,00 € *

Multiple locations / 5 hours / 50 photos / 240,00 € *

* Prices per session

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